It’s Fundamental

So another week where work has taken up most of my time and my interview prep has taken a lot more.  In between I have been packing my kit for Ray Mears Woodlore ‘Fundamental Bushcraft course’.  It’s a week long and one of the few that they run up here in Scotland.  It’s not taught by Ray Mears personally it’s about another £1000 to attend a course taught by him personally.  To be honest I think I’d consider paying for it, his writing and tv opened the outdoors up to me beyond just going walking and camping.  I’ve packed, re-packed and sorted my kit and am fighting hard not to just add more.  I haven’t camped for a solid 6 nights ever so this will be an adventure indeed.

One thing that does concern me is the fact that I’ll be living outdoors the whole day.  I’m soft in that I live indoors most of my life and bar going out for walks or being at sea I don’t spend as much time outdoors.  With that in mind I’m going to have to layer appropriately and be mindful of dress/activity.  My clothing is different from what I’d wear walking as much natural fibres as possible and a cotton windproof for around the fire so my goretex doesn’t get holes in it.  I’ll publish a full list of my kit and my experience on completion but I’m like a kid with excitement.

Food is provided which is great but food is a lot to me and I don’t want to spend the week eating food I’m not enjoying so I’ve brought a mix of packaged porridge, sachets of peanut butter, biscuits brown, chewy bars.  I intend to leave them in the car retrieving them if necessary.  Probably unnecessary but it harks back to my issues surrounding food I guess.

On a positive note I’ve now lost 3st 7lbs (49lbs, 22kg).  Quite an achievement, although if I hadn’t been so fat in the first place I wouldn’t have had to invest the last 9 months in weightloss.  I’ve some way to go I think another 2st 7lbs would do.  That’ll keep me in the overweight category if BMI is to be followed but I think getting down to that will be a real struggle.  The last 3 – 4 weeks I’ve been hovering around the same 1 – 3lb.

Below is the video I took a few weeks ago up around Loch Turret above Crieff.  I’ve been reading up on editing and I’m aware I do not plan my shots so that they seague into one another with ease.  That’s why I have so many transitions.  I’ve reduced them in this and hope that it’s a little better.

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