So it was a busy week with a multi-day meeting in Glasgow involving a team dinner and a night over.  I had to partake of course along with the accompanying alcohol.  Then the next day there was cake, don’t tell B1, and again I had to partake, it’s a team thing.  I enjoyed it but compounded my sins with having a pizza and glass of wine on Fri night prior to going to a concert.

So in relation to my diet and weight loss how do I hope to come back?  Well the trick is, or my trick is, to re-focus and theres nothing for weight loss quite like exercise combined with diet.  Now I’ve been geeking out again and done some research googling.  I worked out my optimum heart rate range for weight loss, 103 – 129 bpm.  That translates to relatively gentle exercise in order to remain in the zone.  Walking is great for this, going uphill gets you up at the top or over but the remainder is all good.

I have plans for tomorrow both to help with my penance but to stretch myself.  With my sinful past fresh in my mind I was up at 0600 dressed and out to hit the trail for 0630.  I decided to do Lovers Knock but without much weight and fast.  I kept my RIBZ on and my USMC FILBE water carrier.  Essentially this is a Camelbak Amubush in coyote brown and without much refinement.  It’s designed for the Camelbak mil low profile and short bladder but mine was damaged and Camelbak replaced it with a long one (free of charge so I didn’t bother complaining).  It’s a robust little pack with a few additional pockets on it to store an odd bit or two.

My time was fast indeed 1hr 37min to cover the five and a bit miles burning 707 calories.  Quite a difference from the last time but I was carrying no weight in comparison.  It felt good and I feel quite self-righteous especially considering I was done and back out with the dogs by 0830.

My outline plan tomorrow is to extend my range gently, so no climbs, if there are any it’ll be short and brief.  I did have other plans but the weather forecast seems to have put paid to that.  Feeling slightly better having done some exercise to make amends but I’m not expecting happy news at my weigh in on Mon.

Below is a video from the Belle and Sebastian concert I was at last night.  Nothing to do with the outdoors or weight loss but it does mention a cuckoo!

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